Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goodies Galore.

Lots of lil bits.

Shots from a market! Paintings, magnets, and buttons by yours truly.

"Fuck My Life"

"Wake and Bake" y'all.

"Let's Bang"

"Go Fuck Yourself", "Home is Wherever I'm with You", and "Chin Up, Buttercup"

"Wake and Bake"

"Go Fuck Yourself"

detail of above

"I Wish I Could Quit You"- Nod to Brokeback Mountain's "I wish I knew how to quit you". 

Home is wherever I'm with you.  

Man Eater.

Doodlin' away. Man Eaters.

Detail of something I was working on.

Lil bits on tiny canvases. Teefs with braces, lovely roaches, etc.

Lambright House

My dad commissioned me to do this painting of a house that he built on Sea Island as a gift to the owner. Watercolor and gouache.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am going to be in the upcoming artist and crafts market at Borderline Gallery! Saturday, March 16!

Making a lot of smaller doo-dads to sell at the market. Here's what I've been working on so far!  

Lots of revamped vintage/thrifty finds with acrylic text.

Scissor Sisters.

Dearest Deer.
Acylic on canvas and wood.

In lieu of the classic "welcome" sign...

Shroom fun.

Man's best friend.

Meow or Never! Embroidery hoop with kitty cat 
printed fabric with acrylic lettering and stitching.


Also making lots of buttons buttons buttons! 
Doodles as well as 1960s and 1970s National Geographic cutouts on 1" buttons. 

There will also be some older work of mine for sale at the market- some of which has been previously posted on this blog.  Come check it out!


Laughing gals for the "Without Words" show at Borderline Gallery.


Watercolor, gouache, and pen on paper.

 These were for a show at Victory in January 2013. They were
 all done with watercolor, gouache, and pen on paper.

Lady things.  Pen and marker on paper.

Vinyl record I painted for the vinyl show at Borderline Gallery.

Details of above.

Tattoo sketch!

This is a sketch I did for my own tattoo I got back in October.  Ode to my home, St. Simons Island.