Friday, October 10, 2014

Boy, You Fine.

Joseph Merrick, the "Elephant Man"


ATTENTION! Upcoming art show at Mindzai Creative on October 24th! Inspired by the works of David Lynch. 

Prints Prints Prints!!!

The old meets new with these babes! Some older watercolor paintings I still had around got revamped and made into prints! The faces are collage. Apologies for the poor photo quality!


Also had prints made of these oldie goodies! They are up for sale at Mindzai Creative (Atlanta); although I will also have them at upcoming markets.

Octopussies and Mustache Rides.

Weddin' Time!

Sweet wedding reception sign I painted for a friend's wedding! Gouache and watercolor on stretched watercolor paper (over stretcher bars, like canvas).  Inspiration from the vintage floral motif used for their invitation and announcement.

Gracie and Jon <3 p="">


Band Art

Here's some stuff I've done for band logos, show posters, album/single covers, etc. All for the band STARBENDERS.

Album art

Before color was added.

Detail of show poster.

Artist Market Goodies

I'm always pumping out these fun little guys for artist markets around Atlanta. I love being a part of local events with so many talented vendors and crafters! 

Me selling my stuffs at the Yallywood Short Shorts Film Fest!

Sweating it out at the Ponce-Splosion Annual Pre-Indepen-Dance Party. 

"goat fuck yourself"

"cluck off"

"chin up, buttercup"

"wake and bake"

"fuck my life"

"fuck off"

"I want you inside me"

"meow or never"

tiny doodle canvases

Some PBR Art (PB-Art)

My design for the 2014 PBR Art Contest made it on their IG page!

My PB-Art can design.


The bare bones outlines.

PBR angel Christmas tree topper I made out of PBR cans for their Christmas charity competition!  
Just give me a box cutter and a hot glue gun…  
She sat atop a giant rotating PBR can Christmas tree at the EARL.